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Benefits of Prophet Dates

Dates or in Arabic, 'Tamar' from plants such as palm oil while palm fruit stalks as betel nuts. Dates contain high nutritional value such as raisins and dried apricots. Among the dates are rich in protein, fiber, sugars, vitamins A and C and minerals such as iron, calcium, sodium and potassium.

Protein content in the palm of about 2%, fiber nearly 4% while the sugar content of 50 to 57% glucose. This shows that the sugar content in it has changed in nature. Means that when we eat dates, the energy is immediately absorbed by the body. Sugar in many fruits and fraktosa known as cane sugar or regular sugar containing sucrose can not be absorbed directly into the body. It had to be broken first by the enzyme before turning into glucose and absorbed by the body for energy.
Leather palm fiber, very good for preventing colon cancer because it ease. While vitamin A and C is very high and many contain potassium which is needed by the body to the nervous system. It is in milk, yogurt and seafood also contain potassium, but the amount slightly.
Excessive potassium intake did not accumulate in the body of toxic and not harmful. Instead, it stimulates the appetite of the sick and good for those who suffer from constipation, muscle weakness, body aches, fatigue, fatigue, stress and retention. Many think only good raisins to boost memory, the actual dates are also comparable. Perhaps for that reason certain parties or wine-producing countries have carried out a campaign to popularize raisins and nutritious meals.
Dates recognized as a nutritious fruit as God Firms in a letter al-Mukminah verse 19, "But for it to grow palms and vines for you. There you get a lot of fruit and some you eat ".

Muslims are encouraged to break with dates against saying of the Prophet which means "house that is not possible, such as a house with no food". Dates lifted high by the Prophet as having high value food ingredients.
It is 'sunnah' to fast with dates for those who are fasting not eating for 12 hours. Dates of energy contribute immediately to the eater, and this provides an easy way to worship and evening prayers and 'terawih'. When the body feels fresh and energetic that it prevents us overeat to satisfy their desire. Sometimes when we eat too much fast, but still tired and not energetic. The reason food intake mainly consists of carbohydrates without the energy to be the cause immediately upon completion of eating too sleepy eyes.
Narrated by Aisha r.a. which explains, dates contain drugs. "If those who often eat dates will avoid the consumption of poison."
Told when she gave birth to Jesus under the palm trees. Came the angel Gabriel told Mary, shake with palm trees and thus eaten. With the grace of Allah, it is easy for Jesus delivery.
In the medical field in the absence of cholesterol, fat and sugar in the dates, it is good to relieve high blood pressure. In homeopathy medical, fine-grained date seed powder or made as tea, soaked and drunk to cure the many varieties of the disease.
Through specific rules, dates with almonds and honey eaten to cure the disease. Dates said to increase sexual energy. Palm fruit juice may be new in this country. Producers in the country as well as eaten fresh, dried or smoked, dates, seeds removed and replaced with peanuts, almonds or cashews to add good of taste. Dates are also made for jam, syrup or additives in ice cream.
We should not only take in dates in the month of fasting alone. Good Dates replace the junk food that only contains carbohydrates, salt, fat and sugar that can lead a variety of diseases.
Dates is a fruit that is rich in iron, calcium, phosphorus, odium, potassium, vitamins A and C and a nutritious and highly valued in traditional medicine.
Dates to be known as the Phoenix and ctylifera, in scientific terms is effective in treating chronic intestinal disorders, in which the gluten intolerance, prevent the absorption of nutrients properly.
Dates contain a type of protein and minerals to stop an extraordinary response triggered by gluten in the small intestine. The reaction, if left can lead to production of excess white blood cells.
Apart from the disorder of the intestines, palm juice effective for constipation problem. However, these drinks are not suitable practiced by people with diabetes, because it can cause more serious effects.
Dates also a remedy in traditional medicine to overcome insomnia. For those suffering from cough, dates appropriate to adopt as the sugar content of dates in the act eliminates itch in the throat at once stop the coughing.
According to the opinion of medical experts, dates are rich in iron and calcium elements for women there during pregnancy or after childbirth.
Dates help prevent constipation, muscle weakness, body aches, fatigue and cancer of the large intestine, stimulates appetite, boost memory and ease. In addition to increasing sexual energy, dates can also be used as dessert.
Dates have been proven nutrients to help warm the body, invigorate the brain and body and revitalize the mind and help the growth of children. It also helps facilitate blood flow and prevent cancer, treat kidney and liver cleanse and help reduce the blood flow at birth.


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